Want To Know About Ola Advertising

Ola is a first on demand cab service which is established in India and company has expanded to network of more than 1,000,000 vehicles around 169 cities. They are offering different levels of the services to their clients which are ranging from economic to the luxury level. When it comes to the ola advertising then it includes

  • Build solution not banners
  • Use personas to guide creative development
  • Deliver assets which are appropriate
  • Dynamic content rocks
  • Test hell out of it

In a modern world most of the digital marketing campaigns are using broad ranges of the digital advertising platforms like facebook, adwords, youtube and other kinds of the social media platforms.

Interesting Information About Ola Advertising

Ola cab is using segmentation parameters like geographically dividing marketing which serves into the metro or urban to devise business and promotional strategy. Ola cabs are also called as ola and it is the online cab service provider. They plan to expand and focus in the market and they are customizing its operation which is suitable to needs of local market. It operates like marketplace which is similar to business model of the ecommerce players such as Snapdeal, flipkart and amazon. Any kinds of the existing licensed cab owner might work for the ola cabs and they are targeting wide ranges of the driver partners.

They aim to use excellent technology to dominate and shake up car for hire and wider transportation market in country. They are starting campaign by running facebook reach blocks that might allow advertisers in order to reach all of the specified demographic on the given day. Ola is always focused on the targeting specific audience. The advertising platform provided by the facebook allows old to maximize its customer base. Ola might take 15% of the ride from driver which they provide. It works with the platform wherein client might easily book cab and easily get passenger by offering commission to company. Ola cab is one of the fastest growing online cab service providers across the world and they always aim to dominate Indian market with their customer oriented and innovative strategy which includes ad campaign on different kinds of the social media platforms, targeting right audience and so on.

Things To Know About Ola Business Strategy

Ola is considered as the parent organization for other kinds of the companies. Collaborate with other company is main strategies of ola and they allow other brands for promoting own business by using coupons. Ola credit is sign of the relief to regular riders and it comes up with the excellent option called ola credit where you might ride now and pay later. It is one of the brands which might maintain its online reputation by offering continuous support for clients. Previous year ola came up with excellent campaign which is known as farakpadtahai which is initiative to reduce carbon footprint, traffic and encourage carpool. It is associated with the TVF which is web entertainment channel and it is shown in the permanent roommate television series.


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